For achieving a lush, green lawn, you will be faced with two main options; turf laying and grass seeding. In this article, we will be taking a deeper look at both of these tried and true techniques, so you can make an informed decision about your own lawn's needs. 

A Brief Overview Of Both Techniques

Turf Laying

Turf laying is the technique of installing a new lawn by laying down pre-cultivation rolls of grass. Your professional garden team will do this by preparing the soil and measuring your garden space. After getting a general understanding for the size and shape of your garden, the turf will then be cut down to fit the area. 

The turf will be rolled out in staggered patterns and watered thoroughly to ensure it thrives in its new position. Turf laying can be an extremely effective way to create a healthy lawn immediately. It is often used for both residential and commercial properties to give off that sleek and well-maintained look. 

Grass Seeding

In comparison to turf laying, grass seeding is the process of planting seeds which will establish new grass growth over time. If you have a damaged or patchy pre-existing lawn, this could be a great way to bring it back to life. Typically, grass seeding is done by spreading seed over a prepared area and then regularly watering it. If done correctly, you will notice a new lush lawn begin to grow in. 

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Carry Out Each Technique?

When To Lay Turf

In our expert opinion, we would recommend laying turf between the end of August and the first half of October. Alternatively, you could also look to lay turf between the second half of April and the first half of June, at the latest.  During this time, the soil is more friable and with the temperature being much more optimal, the grass will root much quicker.

Gauging the weather is of the utmost importance when it comes to turf laying.  If you wait until the weather is too warm, you may run into problems such as sod heating. Whereas, during the winter months, there is harsh frost and unpredictable weather - again, making laying turf a more difficult task. 

When You Should Sow Grass Seed

For grass seeding, when you sow will depend on what type of grass you plan to use. We would recommend early spring, between March to May or early autumn, between September to mid-October. According to, ‘grass plants go dormant during the winter after the temperature drops below 10ºC – so it stands to reason that they won’t germinate in those conditions.’ By planting in seasonably warm weather, you will garner much better results.

During March through to May, the heat of summer is beginning to arrive, meaning that the soil temperatures will start to rise. This can aid in grass germination and help your grass take root much faster. Between September and mid-October the soil is still warm from the summer sun,  encouraging further germination. But also the cooler autumn weather can actually massively reduce the stress on the young grass seedlings, giving them much higher chances of surviving. 

How Long Does Each Technique Take?

For both turf laying and grass seeding, it can depend on the size of land you are working with. For large estates, with acres of land, you will find that you will have your professional gardeners set aside more time than if you are working with a smaller lot. 

How Long Does Turf Laying Take?

With the proper care, turf laying can take up to six weeks to develop a strong root system. During the first few weeks of laying turf, you will want to take extra care when using your garden. It’s vital that you avoid heavy foot traffic to newly laid turf. This can prevent both long-term and short-term damage to your lawn. Also, it’s recommended to keep your new turf moist, but not waterlogged. 

To ensure the turf takes to the new ground with ease, you may have to water it daily or every other day, depending on the time of year you have laid it down and the weather conditions. Around the third week, the turf will begin to establish itself and the roots will start to penetrate the soil and anchor the grass in place. To encourage further deep root growth, we would suggest still watering the turf frequently throughout this time period.

How Long Does Grass Seeding Take?

Similar to turf laying, grass seeding can germinate at different rates. This can depend on varying factors such as; what grass species you are looking to use, what the weather forecast is looking like, what time of year you have opted to sow your grass seed at, and how moist/ prepared the soil is. For most grasses, the seeds will begin to germinate within a 7-21 day span after they have been sown. Whilst some grass seeds tend to take longer than others, in general, you can expect to see tiny grass seedlings pop up from the ground around this time. 

After they have been sown, it will take 2-6 weeks for these new seeds to germinate. As they do so, they establish themselves even deeper into the soil and begin to root. For around the 6-12 week mark, it is recommended to avoid walking on your newly planted grass and to avoid heavy foot traffic. This is to not risk damaging the growing process and allow the grass to fully mature. It is also suggested to not mow or trim the grass seedinglings either during this time.  Maturity in grass can take around 6 months or longer - again, depending on the grass type and the environment surrounding it. Look out for thick, healthy looking blades of grass, which make your lawn look full and lush. 

What Are The Benefits Of Turf Laying?

Both turf laying and grass seeding come with their own benefits. For turf laying, one of the most advantageous aspects is that you will have an instantly green lawn. With grass seeding, you may have to wait weeks, or even months, before the grass is lush and established. Turf on the other hand can completely transform an outdoor space almost instantly. 

Another benefit of turf laying that sets it apart from grass seeding is the fact that it will have a more uniform appearance. As the process is almost instantaneous, you will have an even lawn straight away. This is because the grass is already mature, and harvested. Unlike grass seeding, turf laying makes for a smooth garden, without any patchiness present. 

Also, laid turf is great at suppressing weeds. A more established turf is way more efficient when it comes to preventing weeds from popping up. This is because the grass tends to be much more dense, and as it’s already mature, it can compete with those pesky weeds for the required space and resources they would take to grow. 

What Are The Cons Of Laying Turf?

Laying turf can be quite an expensive feature, particularly if you have a large estate or garden space. Even with professional help on board to maintain your newly laid turf, it can be a costly venture if you are planning to fit your entire ground. Many people opt for grass seeding due to this reason, as it can be a much less expensive way to fill acres of land. 

Another con of turf laying is that it is not as eco-friendly in comparison to its alternative counterparts. The general production and transportation of turf can add to our carbon footprint, which some consider to be much less considerate to our planet. 

Also, turf laying has less of a variety of grass types available.  As well as minimising our aesthetic design choices, turf laying could also promote less biodiversity for this reason. Also, with less grass types being available for turf laying, it may be difficult to find matching feed to fill in any gaps you may already have in your lawn - another negative for choosing turf laying over grass seeding. 

What Are The Benefits Of Grass Seeding?

Grass seeding can help you fill in any bald spots or patchy areas you have on your pre-existing grass. Here at BZ Gardens, we understand the pain of getting all of your grass looking uniform and lush on large estate homes. Whilst turf laying can make your lawn look consistent, sometimes, you don’t need to lay all new turf. If you have a garden with a few grassless spots, your local garden service can lay grass seed to encourage further growth. 

In addition, grass seeding is much more convenient. Living in the UK, the weather can be unpredictable. With turf laying, as soon as the grass gets to its final location, it will need to be laid down promptly - this is because the grass is already alive and mature. Whereas with grass seeding, the process  can be delayed if the weather is unexpectedly poor. 

The options with grass seeding is also endless. We all want a nice looking garden where we can relax and invite company over too. With grass seeding, there are many more options when it comes to what grass types you can have. You can design your garden to be as aesthetically pleasing as you would like with this technique. 

What Are The Cons Of Grass Seeding?

Where there are many pros for grass seeding,, there are also some negatives when it comes to opting for this method. Firstly, it takes a much longer period of time for grass seeds to germinate in comparison to turf laying. With turf, the new grass will be there instanstanousely, whereas with grass seed it can take months to become mature. 

Grass seeds also could attract birds, such as pigeons, sparrows, finches, blackbirds and other regular garden visitors. Birds can pick up these seeds as they appear to be readily available to them on the surface of the soil. Or, if they have been absorbed into the ground already, you may find that they also scratch away at the soil to uncover them. This is because seeds act as a natural food and protein source. - this can, in turn,  leave your garden with grass-less spaces.

In comparison to turf laying, grass seeding can be harder to maintain. Without ongoing professional advice,  It can be tricky to get the watering of newly grass seeded lawns correct. With too much water, you can wash away the newly planted seeds, which can either prevent them from growing and result in a ruined sowing, or create bald patches once they start to germinate. As well as this, grass seeding can make it all the more difficult to achieve neat outer edges. With turf laying, the grass will be cut to the shape and size of your garden space. Whereas with grass turf laying, it can be a slightly more tricky task to get the edges around your patio or paving just right. 

Local Garden Services - How BZ Gardens Can Help You

Here at BZ Gardens, we understand what a well-maintained garden means to you. No matter what your preferences are when it comes to turf laying or grass seeding, we are here to help you make an informed decision, and to assist you in the process. If you have any more questions or queries, feel free to contact our professional garden team today.

As an experienced and professional gardens service provider, we can help provide a thorough end of tenancy garden maintenance service. For any tenant, an attractive garden that is clean and tidy can be a key selling point when choosing a home to rent. This guide will cover a few reasons why you should consider BZ Gardens for your end of tenancy garden maintenance. 

The Importance of Maintaining Garden Spaces for Tenants

A nice and clean garden can have many benefits for a tenant. It allows them to have somewhere to relax, entertain guests and enjoy the sun in the warm summer months. Many tenants will not consider properties without garden spaces. This speaks to the importance of these spaces and why they should be maintained as best as possible. 

What are the Benefits of This Service 

Access to Experience and Expertise

Over the years, BZ Gardens have worked to find and train the very best arborists, landscapers and gardeners. Thus with a wealth of experience and knowledge, we are confident in our ability to perform to the highest standard. Therefore, when choosing BZ gardens for your end of tenancy maintenance, you know the task is in good hands. 


When considering us for your end-of-tenancy garden maintenance, you can be sure that the job will be done both thoroughly and to a professional standard. We can help with many aspects of garden maintenance. This may include aspects such as; lawn mowing, strimming and weed control. That’s not all, we can also provide complete plant work in the form of pruning, feeding, spraying and more.


BZ Gardens is proud of the several accreditations we have received that reinforce our dedication for quality in the way we work. Each of which have been audited independently. These include accreditations from The UK Lawn Care Association, British Association of Landscape Industries, HTA amongst several others. Furthermore, we have an extensive portfolio that demonstrates the quality of work we have previously undertaken.

What Else is Included in This Service? - Property Maintenance

We pride ourselves in being able to tailor our services bespoke to your needs and requirements. We always ensure to listen to our clients and find the best solutions possible. In addition to some of the services we have listed above, we also can provide a range of other property maintenance services. For this reason we consider ourselves to be a premier one-stop solution for homeowners, landlords, tenants, and property managers. For example, additional services we can provide include: 

  • Guttering and gutter cleaning
  • Roof spraying and cleaning 
  • Patio, driveway and path cleaning
  • Outdoor painting for fences, sheds, garages and garden buildings. 


If you are a landlord, you will understand the importance of a clean and well maintained garden for new tenants. As a trusted and well regarded gardens service provider, you can be sure that we will carry out any end of tenancy maintenance to a high-standard. For more information regarding other services we provide, see our services page here

Contact Us - Gardens Service 

As a local garden service BZ gardens can help with a range of garden services, from waste disposal, estate management, landscape design and much more. We create and care for unique gardens and open spaces for residential, commercial and public clients across London, Greater London. Should you need support with your end of tenancy garden maintenance, contact us and we will be happy to help with your enquiries.

As part of our extensive horticultural services, we offer a range of flower bed and border maintenance services. This includes aspects such as weeding, edging, soil preparation and compost/mulch application. As leading specialists in landscape and groundwork services, we are confident in our abilities to provide you with high-quality services. Let’s take a closer look at the different flower bed and border maintenance services we offer here


Weeding is a necessary and important aspect of garden maintenance. If left unresolved, weeds will compete with main crop plants for factors such as sunlight and water, thus affecting plant growth. Weeding can also be a long, tiring and tedious process. With our expert knowledge and experience, BZ Gardens can weed your garden on your behalf, giving your plants a better chance to grow and flourish. 


Another service we offer involves assistance with garden edging. But why is it so important? Simply put, edging helps to create crisp, cleanliness between beds and other areas. This is often more visible between a lawn and the adjoining garden. However landscape edging can include a flower border, shrub beds and where a garden meets a patio area. 

Soil Preparation 

Soil preparation is of utmost importance in that it readies soil for growing. It gets rid of debris and weeds and breaks up soil structure. Soil preparation also provides an opportunity to mix in organic matter to further improve the condition and quality of your soil. 

Compost and Mulch Application 

Another way BZ Gardens can support your flower beds and borders is with compost and mulch application. Not only do these improve soil organic matter, but they also provide nutrients, deter pests and warm up the soil in Spring. 


In addition to the services we touched on briefly above, BZ Gardens offer a range of garden maintenance services. These range from horticultural, arboricultural and groundwork services. With our flower bed and border maintenance and other services, you can be well on your way to having your dream garden. As a garden and landscape maintenance company in Surrey, we have all the tools, experience and knowledge necessary to provide you with the highest possible level of service. 

Contact Us - Professional Groundwork Services

Our experience and specialist knowledge in our industry has transformed BZ Gardens into a well-established and well-regarded business. We create and care for unique gardens and open spaces for residential, commercial and public clients across London, Greater London and more. Should you have any questions regarding your flower bed and border maintenance, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

One of our garden maintenance services that we provide is our groundwork services. But what do groundwork contractors do? What are the benefits of getting a groundwork contractor to work on your site? This article will cover these questions and much more. 

What Do Groundwork Contractors Do? - Service Overview 

Groundwork helps to prepare ground surfaces and below for any building work. To get this process carried out in an efficient and effective manner, our groundwork contractors will be on hand. They will help clear the site, lay down foundations and establish drainage and pipes. Groundwork contractors may also help with the construction of roads and car parks. 

What is Included in our Groundwork Services? 

Our groundwork services help cover a wide range of factors in garden upkeep. These include:

  • Excavations
  • Site Clearance
  • Foundations and footings 
  • Mini Piling 
  • Utility Trenchwork 
  • Drainage 

Operated Machinery Hire 

In addition to the services listed above that are provided by our groundwork contractors, this service also provides various manned operated machinery for hire. This is ideal for excavations, laying aggregates, top soil and earth moving. These machineries help to speed up groundwork processes. These machineries also come with fully trained operators who are on hand for any of your requirements. 

Why Choose BZ Gardens For Your Groundwork Services?

For groundwork services, there are plenty of contractors  available to you to choose from. That being said, when choosing BZ Gardens, you will receive a level of service and commitment that is unrivalled. Thus, if you need residential or commercial groundwork, BZ Gardens is a service you can trust. 


From site clearance to excavations, drainage and much more, there are many benefits to our groundwork services. Our groundwork contractors provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in caring for a range of different kinds of commercial and domestic gardens and know exactly what to do to ensure your space looks great all year round. 

Contact Us - Garden Maintenance Services 

With a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge in our industry, BZ gardens has quickly grown to become a well-established and well-regarded business. We create and care for unique gardens and open spaces for residential, commercial and public clients across London, Greater London and more. Should you have any questions regarding our groundwork services or anything else, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help with your enquiries.