Good tree management not only helps the environment and the general health of the tree but it also contributes to building good relationships with neighbours in residential areas.

Our arboricultural experts will be able to advise on the type of tree work and methods you may require and provide a sensible quote.

All arborists and groundsmen at BZ Gardens are fully qualified and equipped to perform all tree work. Our friendly experienced team take pride in delivering a professional service, whether it’s simple hedge cutting or more extensive tree surgery. Our experts tailor their arboreal work to the clients’ particular need. This assures each customer a considerate and meticulous service, performed to the highest quality workmanship, treating your landscape with the respect it deserves.


  1. Tree pruning
    1. Crown reduction
    2. Pollarding
    3. Crown thinning
    4. Crown lifting and formative pruning
    5. Veteran tree pruning and management
    6. Cable bracing
    7. Dead wood removal
    8. Ivy removal
    9. Hedge trimming
  2. Airspade tree care applications
    1. Root collar excavation
    2. Vertical mulching
    3. Radial trenching
    4. Soil aeration
    5. Root pruning
  3. Bare rooting and transplanting
  4. Cavity clearing and management
  5. Site clearance and tree removal
    1. Tree felling and dismantling
    2. Storm damaged and dangerous tree removal
    3. Stump grinding
    4. Vegetation management
    5. Contract chipping
  6. Emergency call-outs
  7. Insurance claims