Have you ever needed to clear the garden or simply have a general tidy up but wondered what to do with all the trees, shrubs, plants and grass that you’ll remove?

Responsible green waste management is an essential component of the recycling process and should be seen as just as important as plastic and glass recycling. Once we all start doing our bit when it comes to green waste, we’ll start to see the benefits.

Of course, the most significant benefit is to the environment. Rather than green waste releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere, its energy potential is put to good use, creating a sustainable energy source whilst saving valuable landfill space.

This change will also invariably lead to a reduction in costs, both to the individual and to the wider economy. 

Here at BZ GARDENS, we provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to hiring a skip or to traipsing backwards and forwards to your local civic amenity site or nearby waste disposal outlet.

The material will subsequently be transported to our licensed organics recycling facility, for processing into a natural organic and peat free PAS 100 compost.