Porcelain paving has proven to be a very popular and trending choice for patios and for good reason. You can find a huge range of varieties of different coloured and textured porcelain paving slabs on the market. But what is it that makes them so special? As a specialist landscape construction company,  we will guide you through the benefits. 

No Slipping Around 

Don’t be fooled by the smooth appearance of the paving, porcelain paving is a safe patio option. Depending on where you buy your tiles, you can assess the “skid rating”. This is measured in “R” values. It is measured from R9 to R13. Tiles with an R9 rating should be used for dry areas whereas R13 tiles will be better suited in wet environments. 

Long Lasting

The vitrification process is how porcelain is created. It involves taking refined clay and natural materials and exposing them to significant pressure and firing at high temperatures in a kiln. The process creates a strong and hard-wearing material that absorbs little water in its lifetime. 

In cold and wet conditions, these tiles will not absorb water. Thus, you do not need to worry about the tiles cracking or deteriorating over time. 


As a specialist landscape construction company, we understand that pavement maintenance is not for everybody. For those who don’t want to spend long periods of time cleaning, porcelain might be the best option. It is low maintenance and also extremely easy to clean. 

Due to how they are manufactured, these tiles absorb very little water. As a result, they are resistant to stains and frost. Furthermore, they can also limit moss and algae growth to a degree. 

How to Clean Your Porcelain Paving

To keep your patio looking as good as new, clean with hot soapy water just as you would a kitchen floor. On outdoor porcelain installation you can also use pressure washer to clean the paving slabs. To further enhance the lifetime of your patio, aim to keep the area clear of loose debris. This may include compost, leaves and grass. 


There are a range of benefits in choosing porcelain paving for your garden. The way they are manufactured ensures that they are long lasting and resistant to stains and frost. This makes them the perfect choice for those who do not want to engage in frequent maintenance, but would like to have an impressive outdoor space.

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