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While recognising that the components of many extensive gardens, parks and landscapes are comprising structural and non-living features (the hard landscape), it is the living vegetation in all its many forms (soft landscape) that gives the life, character and personality of many such places. Managing this vegetation in one form or another can take up large proportion of the garden staff’s time, particularly in the peak growing periods. A range of differing knowledge and skills are needed: depending upon the size and character of the garden or park, this could cover vegetable and fruit growing in kitchen gardens and orchards; the great variety of features of ornamental gardens from short to longer term; and the most dominant and often the longest-term tree components as specimens or in avenues and arboreta and woodlands. These longer-term living components and their management may often be the dominant feature in many extensive gardens and parks.

Structured, everything included visits, from pruning the prized roses or wisteria or mowing a lawn in a certain way, sweeping and cleaning paths, drives and roadways to creating amazing seasonal flowering borders or planters. Specialist lawn treatments, plant pest & disease control, the list is endless, and all included in our ground management package.

Dedicated and reliable horticultural trained specialists with a wealth of professionalism and knowledge are fully in tune with new trends and trade products. We have an aim and desire to be the ultimate, very best maintenance team that can turn any garden into a vista of beauty.

Together with the latest equipment and machinery, BZ GARDENS guarantees that your grounds receive the best possible attention and treatment.

Commercial and domestic

Our business works with both commercial and domestic housing clients. Our efficient ground maintenance care service, combined with expertise in landscaping maintenance and managing all aspects of estate management work, ensure that your estate looks great all year round.