Pruning is an essential task that needs to be undertaken throughout the year to improve the health and longevity of plants, shrubbery and trees. Winter pruning is the practice that involves shaping, clipping and preserving branches on a tree or shrub. Pruning in the winter is a great way to remove unneeded branches, allowing the organism to focus its growth elsewhere. As a leading greenwaste company we delve into the importance of pruning during winter. 

When Is The Best Time Within Winter To Prune

Pruning apple and pear trees during winter is best done between November and March as the trees will be dormant. We recommend pruning in December and January when the cold weather settles sets in.

How To Winter Prune

Before you start clipping, it’s important to make sure you have sharp secateurs or clippers. Keeping these clean is a great way to minimise the chance of infection when pruning. It is recommended to shorten the main branches by about one-third to encourage the development of new and existing branches. Make sure to leave side shoots un-pruned so that they can develop into fruit buds faster in the warmer months. Pruning in these colder months is a great way to see the structure of your trees, use the tree’s skeleton to shape and evaluate what branches need shortening or removal.

Managing An Orchard – How We Can Help

Pruning one or a few trees can be difficult, let alone an entire orchard. Failing to prune could reduce the fruit yield they produce, it may also lead to weaker branches breaking or spoiling the fruit on the ground. If you have to prune a multitude of trees you can just stick to the essentials within pruning that include; keeping the centre of the tree clear of growth, removing branches that compete or rub against one another for space and the removal of protruding branches.

Making sure every tree receives the treatment mentioned above, will ensure that your fruit will flourish during its development in spring. Instead of trying to manage and deal with the trimming and maintenance yourself, our arboricultural experts can step in and help. Effective tree management does not only improve its health and appearance, it also helps the environment. Our groundsmen are able to advise and execute any work that your trees may need, from simple pruning and trimming to extensive tree surgery. We tailor every job based on your needs, find out more about our tree maintenance services here

BZ Gardens – The Specialist Greenwaste Company 

It can be hard to stay on top of pruning if you have an orchard of large space of land with trees and shrubbery that can quickly become overgrown. Attempting the task yourself can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming, our greenwaste company experts could take the work of your hands whilst ensuring that each and every tree is at optimal health. For more information get in touch on 01483 299 797 or fill out a contact form here.