Pruning is an important task that needs to be carried out all year round. Pruning trees and shrubbery can improve their health, making shaping much easier in future. Winter is a great time to do this as the majority of trees will have lost their leaves allowing you to directly trim branches more clearly. Whether you need arboricultural or groundwork services, our team is able to arrive on site and turn your ideas into reality. 

The Importance Of Pruning 

Pruning removes dead and dying branches, providing room for new growth. It can also deter animal and pest infestation, promoting the plant’s natural shape and growth. Pruning also allows trees and shrubs to focus on producing new leaves as opposed to new growth elsewhere; some plants if left alone for an extended period of time can get out of control. Whilst pruning benefits the plants’ growth it also improves the physical appearance drastically. 

Benefits Of Pruning In Winter Months

Pruning in the cold winter months prepares the trees or shrubs for increased growth during spring. Pruning in spring and summer can be much harder as the plants are experiencing the most growth, with leaves blocking the view of branches and the plants’ structure. Pruning in winter is especially important for trees that produce fruits like apples and pears. If the fruit tree hasn’t been properly pruned and maintained the branches may be overburdened with fruit leading to branches snapping, spoiling the fruit. We like to define pruning through the following;

  • Summer pruning controls growth.
  • Winter pruning encourages growth.

How To Shape Your Trees & Shrubbery

Pruning is a delicate process that requires certain techniques to reduce the risk of damage. 

Don’t prune too close to the bud. This could damage the flower, leaf or fruit if cut, try to only trim the edges of protruding branches. You must also cut at a certain angle, keep your cuts 45-degrees. This prevents stubs from forming which could cause the stem to die back as far as the bud and possibly beyond it. Another consideration to keep in mind involves cutting just above the bud at 45 degrees. This allows water to run to prevent rotting. Make sure your clippers or secateurs are clean and sharp to reduce the chance of spreading disease. 

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