There are a range of benefits in using recycled material for landscaping. Doing so reduces the amount of unused and broken items going to landfill. But how can you reuse items for your landscaping? As a specialist gardening service, we will provide you with a few tips. 


You can make your own compost from a mix of shredded cuttings, recycled landscaping mulch, home food waste, grass cuttings, fallen leaves etc. In fact, making your own is cheaper than buying compost from a store and you know what your compost consists of. It can be created from anything that can be used to layer over soil or cultivated in. As it decomposes over time, any paper items can be included such as newspapers to food boxes. We always suggest cultivating the compost into the soil as the plants can utilise it faster, improves the structure of the soil, and retains the moisture in the ground.


Another great way to make use of recycled material is to make planters. Plants will grow in nearly anything, provided they have the essential components for growth. Make use of any used jugs and containers that can be used to grow plants. Some great examples include soup cans, milk jugs and old ceramic kitchen items mainly for seedlings to be raised for vegetable gardens. 

Fun Bug Hotel

Once you have tidied up your garden for the Autumn, why not create a bug hotel? You can use old bits of tile and wood. Additionally, you can use old terracotta pots and bricks. Creating a habitat for beneficial predators like this can be hugely beneficial for your garden. It provides them with shelter and nourishment and allows them to prey on bugs that would otherwise eat your plants. 

Additional Ideas 

There are an almost endless number of ways that you can reuse items for your garden. For instance, old windows can be used to make greenhouses. Simpler ideas can include using rocks and broken concrete to create bed borders. You can even create interesting walls using glass bottles and salvaged metal. 

Additionally, if you have any old wooden pallets, these can be used as the basis for a vertical garden. You can place old rugs on pathways and cover them with pebbles.


It goes without saying that climate change is having profoundly negative effects on the environment worldwide. For this reason, it is important to reuse and recycle where possible. A great place to start is your garden. As a gardening service, we recommend using home waste to make mulch and using old pots to grow plants in. 

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