Artificial grass is the ideal solution for those looking to save themselves the trouble and time of maintaining real grass. However, artificial grass still requires some degree of maintenance. As a specialist landscape and green waste company, we recommend light maintenance once a month. This will ensure your lawn looks as good as new. It will also ensure that your grass is safe for both children and pets. 

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Here is a few handy tips to ensure that your lawn is well looked after: 


Make sure that you lightly brush your lawn on a regular basis. As a specialist landscape and green waste company, we suggest doing so once a week. This will help to remove any leaves or twigs. Best practices here include the use of a medium, soft bristle brush that is gentle on the grass. As you go about doing this, ensure that you brush in the opposite direction of the artificial fibres. 

Removing Leaves

Especially as we approach the autumnal season, it is important that any leaves are removed from the turf. A regular leaf blower is the quickest way to do this, if you have access to one. To make this process easier, remove the leaves on a day with minimal wind. It is also important to remember that the dry leaves will be easier to remove with a blower in  comparison to wetter ones. 

Stubborn Stains 

Perhaps, you have decided to have a picnic and have spilt ketchup or wine on your new grass. Do not panic. Here are a few tips to help. 

The first step in situations such as this is to act quickly. Make sure to remove as much spillage as you can before it hardens. In the instance of spilt liquids, soak up with a clean cloth or kitchen towel. 

If marks still remain, mix a little bit of washing up liquid with some lukewarm water. Apply this mixture to the lawn with a bristle brush or a clean cloth or sponge. Make sure you work this solution in between as well as around the stained fibres. Following this, rinse the area thoroughly with water. 

Lastly, if the spillage has hardened, carefully remove it with a plastic spatula or knife. A toothbrush can also be useful here to gently brush away stains. 


A small level of regular maintenance will ensure that your artificial grass looks as good as new year round. To recap, remember to brush regularly in the opposite direction to the artificial fibres. Regularly remove leaves with a leaf blower or stiff brush. Also remember to act quickly on stains, washing them away with a clean kitchen towel or with soapy water.

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