As a local garden service, we understand the joy and appeal of having well maintained hedges. No matter if you are an experienced pruner or a first-timer, following these tips can help your hedges look their best. So without further ado, here are 3 tips for hedge maintenance;

Cut at the Right Time 

It may be tempting to cut all your hedges in one go. Simply, get it done and out the way. However, there are benefits to cutting hedges at certain times of the year. In fact, most hedges only need to be cut once or twice a year so you need not worry about having to spend hours slaving away in the garden. 

Here is an outline of the best time of year to cut your hedges: 

  • Beech hedges – Cut in August and reserve hard trimming for between December and February.
  • Hornbeam hedges – Hard trimming for between December and February.
  • Hawthorn hedges -Cut in June but only once they have flowered. 
  • Laurel hedges – Cut in the spring if it needs reshaping. 

Dispose of Clippings 

It is always an important extra step to make sure you get rid of any clippings once you have finished trimming. These often create damp as well as airless conditions that can breed fungal diseases in your hedges. 

One way to do this is to spread a plastic sheet besides the bush to catch clippings throughout the process. Afterwards, brush or rake the loose twigs from the top of the hedge.

Be Aware of Wildlife 

Ensure that you keep a close eye out for any wildlife when trimming hedges. It is against the law to knowingly damage an active bird’s nest. Birds often nest from March until the end of August. Therefore, if you see birds coming and going from a certain spot, you should wait until the Autumn to trim, once the chicks have flown. 


Before you embark on any hedge trimming this summer, be sure to follow these handy tips from a local garden service. These will ensure both safety and quality in your hedge trimming. To summarise, cut your hedges at the right time of year and make sure to dispose of any clippings you have in either a compost heap or garden shredder. Also make sure that you are not destroying the homes of any wildlife such as birds. A few bonus tips may include using a long reach trimmer for taller hedges as well as making sure to wear the right protective gear in order to ensure maximum safety. 

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