One issue that many keen gardeners will come up against from time to time is the issue of pests. As specialists in landscape design services, we know just how irritating it can be when all your beautiful garden plants are being eaten away. For this reason, we have written this guide to provide insight on some of the most common pests and how to deal with them. 

Slugs and Snails

One of the most common pests you will encounter in UK gardens are slugs and snails. Both widespread and persistent, these can cause considerable damage to your garden. Often they will eat holes in leaves as well as flowers, bulbs and stems. Most at risk are new spring herbaceous plants and seedlings. Yet, both slugs and snails can be problematic in the garden annually.

However, there are a few natural deterrents you can use to limit the damage. For slugs, consider lining your borders with upturned eggshells or creating a rough area of sand around your plants. Both will work to deter these pesky creatures. 


Prevalent in many gardens, ants although not official pests, can be irritating for many gardeners. Ant nests can cause damage to flower pots and lawns as little heaps of soil appear above the surface. Often, these pests are best left alone, but you can brush away the aforementioned soil heaps on dry days. 

Glasshouse Thrips 

Small insects such as this can be problematic for a range of greenhouse plants. Thrips will suck sap from plants causing pale mottling and brown marks to appear on the surface of leaves. 

They are active all year round within greenhouses and cause a lot of damage between April and September. In order to remove these, hand sticky blue sheets among plants that can trap insects. 


Don’t let the damage caused by these garden pests deter you from maintaining your garden spaces. With a few of these handy tips pests such as slugs, snails, glasshouse thrips and ants can be controlled. A few additional pests you may want to be aware of include; Box tree moths, Tortrix moths, Rosemary beetle larvae and Viburnum beetles. 

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