Lawn Mowing is easily one of the most important aspects of garden maintenance. However, with the British weather ever changing and being as unpredictable as it is, it can be difficult to know exactly how often to do it. For this reason, as a garden maintenance and green waste company, we have put together this complete guide of when to cut your lawn throughout the year. 

So How Often? 

Unfortunately, there is no simple and straightforward answer to this question. There are many different variables that will impact this decision including heat, water and nutrients. Factors such as these will determine the speed of your grass growth. However, should you live in the UK there are some general rules you can follow. 

In the UK between March and June, the weather conditions during these months would normally require you to only cut your lawn once or twice a month. However, as the weather gets warmer in and around July, you may consider cutting your grass once or even twice a week for proper maintenance. 

Remember when you cut grass, it can be beneficial here and there to collect grass clippings for fertilisation.

The Year’s First Cut 

Most people will cut grass for the first time as the weather begins to get warmer - often around March - April time when the grass noticeably starts to grow. The first cut of the grass growing season may also be the most important. People in the UK appreciate a short, well kept lawn. However, despite this fact, many will cut the grass way too short on the year’s first cut. 

Remember the one third rule. Never cut more than a third of the blade of grass off at once. This can stress the grass. This can be seen when grass turns a yellow or brown colour. 

In order to achieve the length of grass you want, you may need to cut your lawn over a number of weeks. To do so, gradually decrease the cutting height of your lawn mower over a number of weeks until you achieve your desired length. 

Often people in the UK will cut their grass a little shorter than those living in mainland europe. However, shorter doesn’t mean better and grass height should vary over the course of the year. 

You should also find the frequency that you cut grass will decrease as the weather cools off towards the beginning of Autumn, around September to October.


We hope this guide shed some light on how often you should cut your grass. To recap briefly, around March and June, you may only need to cut your grass once or twice a month. However, in the warmer months around July, you may need to increase your grass cutting to as much as once or twice a week for proper maintenance. Remember to stick to the one third rule, not cutting your grass so short as to stress it. 

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As a local garden service, we understand the importance of green waste disposal and how it helps the environment. For this reason, we are here to assist you with your green waste disposal. This article will guide you through the benefits of this service and what we can do to help. 

Why is Green Waste Disposal Important? 

Green waste disposal is an essential component of the recycling process. Thus people should see it as just as important as plastic and glass recycling. In 2022, we truly face a climate crisis, now is the time to act. By doing our part in disposing of green waste correctly, we will see positive changes for the future of our environment and planet. 

Rather than releasing harmful gases from green waste into the atmosphere, we can put it’s energy potential to good use. This will help to create a sustainable energy source whilst saving valuable landfill space. 

Why Choose BZ Gardens For Your Green Waste Disposal? 

We can help by providing you with a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to simply hiring a skip or traipsing back and forth to your local civic amenity site or waste disposal outlet. 

We will transport the materials to our licensed organics recycling facility. Here it will be processed into a natural and peat free PAS 100 compost. 

Disposal Fees 

BZ Gardens holds a waste carrier licence and we can help provide green waste disposal services. The standard charges are as follows:

  • Double axle trailer load of green waste - £250.00 + VAT
  • 3.5t tipper truck + double axle trailer load - £450.00 + VAT

Furthermore, green waste produced during a regular maintenance service can be disposed of for £10.00 + VAT/bulk bag price. 


Green Waste Disposal is essential in order to protect the environment. It can reduce harmful gases being released into the atmosphere and can ensure that energy potential is put to good use. BZ Gardens can help with your green waste disposal. We do so by transporting the material to our licenced organics recycling facility where it can be processed into a natural and peat free compost. 

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As a local garden service BZ gardens can help with a range of garden services, from waste disposal, estate management, landscape design and much more. We create and care for unique gardens and open spaces for residential, commercial and public clients across London, Greater London. Should you have any questions regarding our green waste disposal services or anything else, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help with your enquiries.