Tree management is extremely important as a way to help the environment. It helps general tree health and helps maintain good relationships with neighbours in residential areas. As local garden service arboricultural experts, we can help advise you on the type of tree work and methods you need. This guide will explore the different arboricultural services we provide. 

Tree Pruning 

Tree pruning is the process of removing dead or diseased branches that prevent a tree from living healthily. Often, professionals will remove any growth that can interfere with other parts of a plant. For example, this can happen where branches cross over each other. But what do we include in our tree pruning services? BZ Gardens can help with:

  • Crown reduction 
  • Pollarding
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown lifting and formative pruning
  • Vertan tree pruning and management 
  • Cable bracing 
  • Dead wood removal 
  • Ivy removal 
  • Hedge removal 

AirSpade Tree Applications

AirSpade, a compressed air power tool is used to facilitate excavation, soil management and tree health care within a tree’s critical root zone. The benefits that air-spading has for tree health has made it a popular practice for arborists. It’s applications extend to: 

  • Root collar excavation 
  • Vertical mulching 
  • Radial trenching 
  • Soil aeration 
  • Root pruning 

Site Clearance and Tree Removal

 In some circumstances, you will need to remove a tree entirely. To remove a mature tree safely requires a level of skill and access to professional equipment. For this reason it is best to hire a professional tree removal specialist. As part of our local garden service that involves site clearance and tree removal, we can help with tree felling and dismantling, stump grinding and vegetation management. We can also help remove storm damaged and dangerous trees with contract chipping. 


Not only do our tree management services help the environment. They also ensure that good tree health is maintained which can help sustain a trees’ longevity. Caring for trees safely requires expert knowledge and specialist equipment, so it is important to ensure that a qualified arborist is involved. From tree pruning to tree removal, our arboricultural services offer a wide variety of ways to keep your trees and garden healthy. You can see our full list of arboricultural services here

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