Many aspire to the idea of creating a dream garden. One that is perfect for your next BBQ or for simply laying out in the sun with a good book. However, one challenge people often face when trying to achieve this is not having the funds to do so.  However, as a local gardens service, we know that there are a number of ways to create beautiful garden spaces without hurting your wallet. In this blog we will share some of these ideas with you. 

Keep Your Patio and Decking Clean

A great way to start is by pulling up any weeds and plants growing between your patio slabs. Follow this by sweeping away debris with a brush, then scrub with soapy water to make your patio or decking look as good as new. If you have access to a pressure washer, this can be immensely useful in helping to further remove any stubborn stains or dirt. 

De-Weed Your Flower Bed 

One of the simplest ways to make your garden look new on a budget is too maintain your flower bed. Pull up any weeds from the roots so that they do not grow back. To further stop weeds growing in your flower beds, provide a border such as with bricks, sleepers or concrete blocks. 

Add Some Colour! 

Here is another quick and easy tip to spruce up your garden. Add colour, by painting your garden shed or fence. Rather than settling for a boring shade of brown, get creative and experiment with more vibrant colours from blue to pink. 


Adding lighting can transform your outdoor living space. This is perfect as it will help to make your garden look beautiful in the evenings, perfect for sitting out with a glass of wine. It will also make for great decorative features in the day. A few ideas you might want to consider include; wicker and glass lanterns, candles, fairy lights and festoon lighting. 


Creating your dream garden does not have to be costly and time consuming. There are a number of cheap and easy alternatives and solutions that can transform your outdoor space. From gorgeous lighting for evenings in the form of fairy lights and lanterns to simple maintenance in the form of patio cleaning, sometimes less truly is more when it comes to gardening. 

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