One of the local gardening services we provide is our estate management services. When you sign up to our unique estate management services account, you become an elite customer. You will be assured that your estate or home garden will be managed efficiently to the highest standard possible. But what is included in this service? Read on to find out more. 

Why is Estate Management Important? 

Many extensive gardens, parks and landscapes comprise a range of hard and soft landscaping features. Especially with vegetation, tasks can take up an extensive amount of a garden staff’s time. 

A wide range of different knowledge and skills are required depending on the character and size of a given garden or park. This may include knowledge on growing fruit and vegetables as well as the upkeep of ornamental features. By using our estate management services, you can be assured that all aspects of your garden or park are managed effectively and to a professional standard. Additionally, it will lessen the load for workers tasked with maintaining these spaces. 

What Is Included In This Service?

Our estate management services are highly structured and cover many areas of garden management. From the pruning of prised roses, wisteria to lawn mowing, topping fields and managing woodlands. Additionally, our estate management services ensure the upkeep of drives and roadways as well as specialist lawn treatments and plant work such as pest and disease control. 

Commercial and Domestic Service 

As a local gardening service, BZ Gardens works with clients for both commercial and domestic gardens. With our expertise in landscaping maintenance as well as other aspects of estate management work, you will gain peace of mind knowing that your estate looks good all year round. 


As a local gardening service, we offer a wide range of estate management services for both commercial and domestic clients. These services are designed to help with a range of hard and soft landscaping features, including; specialist lawn treatment, pruning, plant pest and disease control and much more. By using this service, you benefit from our vast knowledge in garden and estate maintenance. Our team can help you save valuable time spent maintaining your garden or park. For these reasons, we highly recommend using our estate management services so you can be sure that your garden looks good year round. 

Contact Us – Local Gardening Services 

BZ gardens has quickly grown to become a well-established and well-regarded business, working at the top end of our industry. We create and care for unique gardens and open spaces for residential, commercial and public clients across London, Greater London and more. Should you have any questions regarding our estate management services or any of our other services, please feel free to contact us or even visit us in our office. We are happy to help!