Christmas decoration

BZ GARDENS uses only the Finest low Drop Nordmaniana Christmas Trees within attractive watertight pots for interior use and Norway Spruce for exterior. All decorations are supplied brand new and we do not require their return. If you wish to recycle them, please remove them prior to the anticipated day of removal. All interior lights are supplied new and are checked for operation prior to use.  Sets are manufactured to British and European standards, and come with factory fitted square pin plugs.  Please ensure that there is an adequate power supply close to the tree, which may have several sets of lights, and hence requires several sockets. We want you to enjoy your fresh Christmas tree throughout the festive period.  Our system of support ensures that the stem of the tree is within water similar to a vase of flowers.  A 2 metre tree will normally drink approximately 1 litre of water a day and we recommend that you check these levels to prevent the tree from drying out. Should you be unable to dispose of the tree, we would be pleased to call in to collect it.  If you wish to retain the lights and decorations then these should be removed by your own staff prior to the date of removal of the Christmas Tree.