About Us

THERE’S an old saying that gardening demands a lot of water – and most of it is perspiration. So if you love your garden, but can’t cope with the growing pains BZ Gardens can take the hardship out of horticulture.

Barnabas Zengo, its founder, has 15 years of, hands-on, international experience in the gardening business (Curriculum Vitae) having worked in the United States, Finland, Austria, and Hungary before founding BZ Gardens in the UK where he was head gardener on a millionaire’s 320-acre estate, planted mature trees for a former Government Minister, created and maintained the Director and Chief Executive’s garden of the leading bank of Britain while also looking after the hanging baskets and postage-stamp plots of elderly pensioners. He has an expert knowledge of flowers and fruit as well as the hard and heavy work of landscaping and tree surgery.

But good gardeners need brains as well as brawn and Barnabas has three masters degrees in Agriculture; Environmental and Landscape Management; and Plant Health and Protection. He is currently working towards his Master of Horticulture Degree at the Royal Horticultural Society.

BZ Gardens operates mainly in Surrey and London and all employees are trained gardeners, and where relevant, are fully insured with specialist licences and certificates for chemical spraying, tree surgery and the operation of heavy machinery. Maintenance contracts range from daily to monthly on a “dedicated gardener” basis, which means that each client always has the same appointed gardener under close supervision. BZ Gardens also provides a Plant Doctor Service available for advice and treatment if something is sick in your garden. Where major surgery or a radical face-lift is required BZ Gardens offers a free consultation on site with the most cost-effective prescription to solve the problem.

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Who We Are

BZ Gardens a local, client-oriented company, working in the wide realm of horticulture and all things related to the subject of gardens. The company is registered and recognised by ratedpeople.com and also been rated by numerous customers.


What We do

Our core activities are garden maintenance and landscaping, which are largely based on work in privately owned gardens and ground maintenance, which offer a wide range of services devoted to commercial clients. 


Our work is guided by three main principles: professionalism, passion and quality - which precisely define our approach to each and every job entrusted to us, and what you may expect from us.


Our goal is to make you happy, to relieve you of the work which you have not got time for, or that you simply do not like doing.